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hCG Weight Loss

Lose 2-4lbs a week 

The hCG Diet


The hCG diet was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in 1954. He found that patients on the hCG died could reduce their caloric intake without the undesirable side effects of hunger pains, headaches, or weakness. Weight loss is achieved without exercise. In addition, the diet alters the bodies fat composition naturally reshaping the body.


Who is the hCG Diet For:


This diet is ideal for individuals looking to lose 30 pounds. On this diet you have the ability to lose 2-4 pounds a week. If you have been dieting for years and unable to lose the weight in pesky trouble areas this is the diet for you.


What is hCG


hCG is not a weight loss drug. It is a hormone naturally produced in the body during pregnancy. It increases the metabolism and promotes the use of fat as fuel in non-pregnant women and men. Administration of hCG for this diet will be through a homeopathic remedy prepared from hCG by a professional quality company that deals.




There has been a lot of fraudulent weight loss programs that have produced a lot of misinformation and doubt in the hCG diet. These programs utilized hCG that was not properly sourced and didn’t meet reliable standards. As a result they were often ineffective. This program using a high quality homeopathic products known for the safety and efficacy. You will be guided by Dr. Flamand who is knowledgable and experienced in the use of hCG for weight loss. 



3 Types of Fat

    1. Structural Fat: cushions organs and supports body structure

    2. Normal Fat: energy stores the body uses for fuel

    3. Visceral Fat: unhealthy fat stored around the organs that is extremely difficult to lose without the body entering starvation mode or pregnancy.


hCG Weight Loss and Body Reshaping


The hCG diet targets the Visceral difficult to lose fat, while not depleting the two healthy fats. This can result in a reshaping of the body as the difficult to lose areas such as the hips and abdomen will be targeted. hCG appears to reset the hypothalamus gland that regulates hormones related to metabolism, blood sugar, and additional factors that contribute to body composition.


Our hCH Diet Program


Using a Homeopathic hCG, detox and crave control. 


2 Loading days- The first two days are high fat loading days while injecting hCG.


500 cal diet- the remaining days in your 3 or 6 week program will follow a strict 500 calorie a day diet consisting of foods from an approved foods list. During this time there is no pop, juice, or alcohol consumption. You will receive details once you have enrolled and have access to the members only website. During this time you will have weekly video calls using Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms or phone calls to monitor your progress and answer any question you may have.


Maintenance- resuming normal eating following the 500cal restriction days is done in a few steps. For 21 days you will gradually increase your daily caloric intake while maintaining low carbohydrate consumption. After these 21 days carbohydrates will be reintroduced and you will have you healthy lifestyle appointment to ensure you create new habits to prevent gaining weight again.




6 week program-  1 kit + 2nd hA2cg - $400

3 week program-  1 kit - $325


Initial Appointment- $180

15 min Weekly follow-up Calls- $35/each

60 min Appointment for Maintenance Phase- $150

60 min Appointment for Healthy Lifestyle - $150





While on the hCG diet you should limit your exercise to mild to moderate forms. Doing high intensity exercise while on this diet may result in the body using muscle for fuel instead of fat. 

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